Monday, December 3, 2012


Hello beautiful people :) I am over the moon at the moment because Christmas is around the corner. All i can think of is Christmas lol. I know i have been a good girl this year :P so i expect loads of things from santa baby lol. Today i went out with my baby sis and got some awesome bargain. Let's just put the stuffs i got as my pr-xmas haul :)

The first thing i bought are these lovely grey ankle wedge boots :) from Aldo.

Next thing i bought are these cute ballet shoes in pink salmon from Aldo :)

And lastly i bought this snug red pullover from MAX.

Doesn't this look so Christmas? I just love this :) :)

xoxo lee <3 p="p">

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Favourites : Beauty and Random

 November just fleeted by and I am ever so excited that December is just few days away!! This means Christmas time :)))) *woot woot*.... At the same time this also means that i  need to be more engrossed in writing my dissertation :(((. Anyways listed below are some of my favourite beauty and random things that i absolutely tripped on this November.


Maybelline Diamond Glow by Eye Studio in 01 Copper Brown

 I totally dig this palette and as u can see i use all the shades in it. It is awesome to do metallic smokey eyes, just perfect for fall/winter.

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in 60 OR Obsessed Orange 

A very bright orange shade which helps to brighten the dull approaching winter. I love this lipstick and can't get enough of it.

The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection Lip and Cheek Dome in 20 Pinch me Pink

This is by far one of the cutest TBS product i own. I barely use this on my lips but i love using this on my cheek to make a perfect winter flushed pink cheeks.

Victoria's Secret Wild at Heart Sheer Fragrance Mist

Looking at the bottle u all can see how much i have used up already. It is made up of sensual Vanilla and musk. I am a sucker for anything vanilla :P

Loreal Paris Youth Code

I am 26 years old and finally decided to buy some anti-aging products. After giving it much thoughts i settled for Youth Code. I got face serum, day cream, night cream and eye cream. I have been using this for about a month now and it suits be well. I can already see the changes in my complexion. I guess i will stick on to this brand. :)


Ballet Shoes from MAX

I practically wore this shoes the whole month with any outfit!! I got this at MAX and it's really cheap. The sole is kind of thin but it is one of the most comfortable pair of shoes i own. The colour, navy blue is so winter and i love the stud detailing at the back of the shoe.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I searched high and low for this book in Starmark but couldn't find it, when i asked the SA he just looked at me weirdly when i mentioned the name of the book. In the end i ordered it from good old FLIPKART. The book is awesome and deals with coming of age and growing up. Now i am dying to see the movie. It's a must read and I bet everyone will enjoy it as much as i did.

Iris Orange Candle

With Diwali, all the retailers had their best candles in display. I picked this up in Spencers. I wanted to give scented candles a try. Surprisingly this orange one has a very nice smell and it does make my whole room smell fresh. How i wish Bath and Body Works opens up in India :( i want all the lovely candles they have :((

Hamsa with Evil Eye chain from Accessorize

This piece is not only my November favourite but my all time favourite. I hardly step out of the house without this around my neck.

Shrimp Chilly Pickle from local market at hometown ( Kalimpong )

I just can't get enough of this pickle. Yummy, crispy, spicy and hot. I love it especially with any instant noodles.

That's it for all my favourite November products, would love to hear what are your favourites, do comment below and hope you guys had a lovely month.
                                                                      xx lee

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter : Peach Parfait

Hello, beautiful people... Today I am going to write about one of my favorite lip product, the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in the shade Peach Parfait. How i wanted this baby ever since i saw so many reviews in Youtube and i was the happiest when it launched recently here in India. After ogling at the different shades for almost half an hour i gave in to the shade Peach Parfait :)

 The packaging is so pretty. It looks kinda like the Revlon Colorbust lipstick, the only difference being the outer covering of the lip butter comes in different colors matching with the shade of the lip butter. Peach Parfait has a lovely peachy colored cover.

Peach Parfait has a beautiful peach tint with small golden sparkles. It glides so smoothly on the lips and it really conditions the lips well. The company claims that the lip butter is made up of shea, mango and coconut butter formula. This must be reason as to why it hydrates the lips well. The color stayed on my lips for the whole time i went out with my mom. But after a meal i had to re-apply it again.

The price is Rs 600. I personally feel that its little pricey but nonetheless it is worth the product.

The swatch below shows how beautiful and moist the lip butter is.

.... and this is how it looks in my lips

I really like this product and its perfect for fall and winter when some lipsticks tend to make lips chapped especially sensitive lips like mine. I usually wear matte lipsticks and this lip butter is one of the first glossy lippie that i adore. It comes in i think  twenty different gorgeous shades but the make up counter from where i bought mine just had about seven different shades. The only thing i don't like is the total length of the product which i feel is tad too small for the exorbitant price. Overall it's a great product and i am looking forward to buy some more in different shades.

                                                        xoxo... lee :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

November Vellvette Box

Hey beautiful people, i know i have lately become MIA.. blame it on my bad internet connection. Anyways, now that i have got a new connection, i hope to be present more frequently in the blog world. I am back in the city from a long vacation at home and when i was at home, my September and October Vellvette Box was delivered and i had my boyfriend pick it up for me. I was so excited i had him open the box for me and send me pictures through watsapp lol. Well...errrr.. i am feeling too lazy to write a review on those boxes but hold your breath folks... i have with me the NOVEMBER VELLVETTE BOX..  i received it today just few hours back and i can't wait to show you guys what i got.


The box as usual came in this sturdy black box with a pink ribbon tied across it. (The bow in this pic looks crappy because it is my fruitless attempt to retie it after i ripped it apart with excitement.) Oh! how i love these boxes to use it as storage. The theme for this months box is Festivities.

Now, the picture of the products i got:

This time i got three products, two deluxe sized samples and one full size product.

The first thing i got is this 10 ml  Clarins Paris UV PLUSHP Ecran Multi-Protection with SPF 40.

The description card states that this is a 'non-greasy' and 'light' sunscreen perfect for the Indian weather. The full size of this product costs Rs 2,200 for 30 ml.

The second product i got is 10 ml of Caudalie Paris Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet.

Now a kind of mistake happened in my box, i guess this is only in my box or i don't know. The description card shows that i got a shampoo from the same brand but in actual i received this lotion. Maybe it was a mistake. Anyways, judging from what i read from the back of this container, i guess this is a sort of moisturizer which can be used after using your face serum. I don't know the cost of this full size lotion because like i told you guys i got the wrong description card.

Now the third product i got is my favorite from this box. It is a full sized Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania Eyeshadow and i got mine in Yellow Gold!

Look how pretty and cute is that! The Description card states that these are "shimmering" loose shadow powder and can be used not only one eyes but cheeks and lips as well. How cool is that! oh! how i loved this and it is highly pigmented as well. The full size costs Rs 300 for 5ml.

Lastly i got these discount coupons and description cards in the box.

Well, as usual i loved my November Vellvette box and with this month my three months subscription has come to an end :((((( but i will renew it asap muhahahaha *evil laugh*

Before i go here is the picture collage i had instagrammed of my September and October Vellvette box.

Hope you guys loved reading this. Loads of hauls and reviews coming soon. Do follow me in GFC if you haven't and also in Instagram @pinkcesslee . muahhhxx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Body Shop Haul and NOTD

This is my first post from home sweet home. The electricity department sucks out here. Imagine we had no electricity for like three days continuously! I am just happy the internet connection is not that bad. Last Saturday my family and me went to Siliguri which is about three hours from here and guess what Siliguri finally has The Body Shop store in Cosmos Mall. My happiness knew no bound and i shopped like crazy. The store had more products than the one in South City mall, Kolkata. Anyways, so here's what i bought.. :]

TADA!!!! The biiiig bag :]

Yummy goodies inside :]

Winter must have :]  Shea Shower Cream, Shea Lip Butter, Shea Body Butter and Shea Body Mist

Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash

Vanilla Body Mist

My Dad had gifted me LOVE ETC.. SUN KISS limited edition edt in July and i have hardly used it so picked up this Body Puree from the same range to compliment my edt.

I have never used any Primer or base as such with my make-up so picked this Skin Primer Moisturise to give it a try.

Since i am a sucker for any baked make-up product i got this baked cheek color in the shade 01 Petal.

And then ofcourse i asked the SA for samples and he was kind enough to give me these samples..the newly launched Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil and Moisturise White Shiso Whitening Serum

That's it for my happy to be home haul hehe :] and now for NOTD

I'm wearing the new shade Turquoise Blue from Revlon. It is such a pretty shade of blue and the moment i saw it it reminded me of youtuber Jennim and the lovely nailpaint she had in one of her videos.

Hope you guys liked this post and do give me your feedback. Happy Puja's to all of you... muahhh :*

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scrumptious Hand Sanitizers

 Who doesn't like using hand sanitizers!! I for once and all can't do without it in my bag. Just the thought of germs creeping all over my hands makes me feel sickish! Any ways, in this write up i am going to to write about some hand sanitizers which smells good enough to eat.

  First are these two amazing Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in Vanilla Bean Noel and Jolly Ginger Bread Cookie.

I am a devout fan of Bath & Body Works and i can do anything literally anything for it to open a flagship shop here in India but.. Sigh!!! Sadly. people like me have to rely on the limited products we get from some online stores. Coming back to these mini babies... just few weeks back i was in a.c market here in Kolkata and i spotted these in one of the shops. My heart skipped a beat and i was literally jumping with glee! The first thing i checked was if these were original ( cause i have seen some of these shops selling Mac products which are not Mac at all ). The shopkeeper was charging me an exorbitant amount for these even though i know it retails for just $1.50 in the States. In the end i payed him Rs120 for each even though i knew i was paying twice the actual amount but nevertheless i was happy.

Vanilla Bean Noel

 This one is so christmassy and cute. It is green in color with tiny blue granules. It smells of  vanilla bean, caramel and baked goodies. The smell is so winter and yummy. The smell stays for long in one's hand and you just feel like gnawing your own hands hahaha.. Initially when you take a whiff from the bottle all you get is the smell of alcohol like most sanitizers do but overall  the smell is delicious.

Jolly Gingerbread Cookie

This too is perfect for use in winter especially during the Christmas season. It has the color of ginger ale and also has small blue granules. Like the name suggests it smells of ginger cookie or a gingerbread man cookie. The smell of alcohol is not so prominent in this one.

Second i have these somewhat Indian dupe of  Pocket Bac and these are Zuci Instant Hand Sanitizers in Coconut Verbena and Tulsi basil.

 I got these little one's from New U stores in Forum, Elgin Road. I had gone there to pick up some hair ruberbands and makeup sponges, when i saw these tiny tots sitting in the cash counter. At first just looking at the bottle i thought it was a Pocket Bac but when i picked it up i realized it was just another sanitizer made to look like a Pocket Bac. I paid Rs.30 for each of these 30 ml bottle.

Coconut Verbena

The reason i picked this up is i love the smell of coconut. this like the Pocket Bac has tiny granules but purple in color. I can tell you the exact smell of this!! It smells just like coconut milk and lemon grass gravy being simmered for making prawn curry. Once my boyfriend made me this dish and this sanitizer smells exactly like this.It is refreshing and your hand feels and smell clean after using this.

Tulsi Basil

Although i do not like the smell of anything herbal that much, nevertheless i picked this one. This too has small granules and the color is green. This smells exactly like the tulsi green tea from Organic India that i drink.

Hence, these are four scrumptious smelling hand sanitizers which i really love. The only difference that i don't like between the Pocket Bac and the Zuci ones is the fact that the consistency  of the fluid is slightly thinner in the Zuci sanitizers which takes some time to dry after applying it in the hand. Other than that i love all these sanitizers.

I am leaving for my hometown tomorrow yipeeeeee!!!! and oh yes!! i have already packed these sanitizers for use during travel.
If any of you guys have come across other scrumptious smelling hand sanitizers, do leave a comment below.. and yes do follow my blog all you lovely people..xoxo  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorite Six for Luscious Lips

Here are the top six lip products that i swear by for my chapped and dry lips. Hope you guys like it.

Spiced Vanilla lip balm from The Body Shop. 

This pretty lip balm comes in a cute tin box. It reminds me of Christmas cake. It smells of vanilla and cinnamon. The lip balm perfectly soothes and nourishes my chapped lips and i prefer using this at night before going to bed. The only thing i don't like about this is the fact that it makes my lips look kinda whitish colour because of the the tint it leaves behind. Price: Rs 340

Maybelline New York Baby Lips

The cutest and the yummiest thing ever!!! God knows how long I waited for it to launch here in India.. Now that it is here I can't stop pampering my lips with these babies. Till now i own these three i.e Mango Pie, Anti-oxidant Berry and Cherry Kiss. The first two are sheer with no tint and just leaves behind a gorgeous sheen in my lips. the smell is yummy and out of the world. Cherry kiss leaves a tinge of red tint on the lips and it makes the lip look super moist and kissable :]. The only thing i am unhappy about these products is that i don't like the packaging of the Baby Lips Color, i just wish it was more colourful and vibrant like the ones in abroad. But nevertheless i love these babies and will be getting Pink Lolita and Coral Flush soon. Price: Rs 125 for Care Range and Rs 150 for Color Range

Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick from The Body Shop

I picked this lip balm a few weeks back and instantly it has become one of my favourites. The smell and taste of this product is so yummy that i keep licking it off my lips :D. The moisturizing capacity of this lip balm is amazing and it makes my lips supple and soft. Price: Rs 245

Lipice Lipbalm in Blueberry

The first time i ever heard of this company was when i use to watch MTV Splitsvilla 5 and the company was one of the sponsors. Back then it didn't appeal to me much but when i saw loads of reviews about this product in other beauty blogs i had to get it!.  I love this lip balm for the fact that it does not leave behind a thick layer of gooey substance in my lips like most lip balms do. It may sound funny when i say this but you see Kolkata sucks for it's hot and humid weather and obviously i don't like having overly sticky substance in my lips on such days when i am sweating in excess. Hence, Lipice is perfect for such days and moreover this lipbalm contains Mentholatum and cools and soothes my lips. It also has a yummy blueberry smell. It contains SPF 15. Price: Rs 120

Born Lippy from The Body Shop

Currently i own two of these Born Lippy's. They are Satsuma Shimmer and Cool Mint. I don't know if TBS still manufactures the cool mint one in present times and if it is available in India. My mom got me this from Nepal. Coming to the products, i only love these lip balms for the overpowering smell and also for the shimmering tint it leaves in my lips. i apply this sometimes over matte lipsticks and most of the time i use it during days when i am extremely lazy to wear makeup. you know the kind of days when you just feel like wearing your glasses and a lip tint with your hair tied in high pony at the back. The only thing i don't like of this product is that i have to dig into the product and my fingers gets kind of sticky. Price : Rs 195

Rev Ayur Lip Sliders

I purchased these from first thing that drew me to these lip balm were it's cute packaging and also the flavors, green apple and coconut. I am a sucker for anything that smells like coconut even though i don't like eating coconut ..wierd hahahaha. I can't say i am the biggest fan of these lip balm but still it is good enough for the price i got it in. The only thing that bothers me much about this lip balm is on the cover it states that it is a tinted lip balm but when i wear it i get no tint on my lips! Price: Rs 80 got it for Rs 72

Phew!!! i am tired now writing so much :p i am gonna get back to cleaning my apartment since i will be leaving for home sweet home on 13th of october. So much to do so little time. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this muahhhhh xoxo