Thursday, July 11, 2013

My First International Makeup Swap

 I had been wanting to do a makeup swap ever since i heard of it. So one day while going through random Instagram posts I came across this lovely girl Aaisha or beautygurumissykay in Instagram. She was searching for a swap partner and i jumped in. We fixed a budget and decided to go ahead with the swap. She is from UK and initially all i wanted was Sleek products and then realization hit me that i could order that online. So i told her she could get anything for me. It took us almost two weeks to get the packet ready and we shipped it out on the same day. My package to her reached in exactly three days!! Can you believe that??. I was surprised that it reached so fast. Hers reached me after one week.

Anyways, here's what she got me

1. Cute wristbands from Opia. (Primark Accessories)
2. Set of ear studs from Opia. Some of them are missing because my sister took it from me lol.
3. Nail Wraps in pink leopard print.
4. Sunkissed bronzing pearls.
5.Three eyeshadow trios from Sunkissed.
6.Two Rimmel London Vinyl Jelly Gloss Lip Liners in 010 Tasty and 007 Fudge.
7. CCUK eyeshadow trio in shade no 92
8. CCUK Quick Stroke Waterproof Eyeliner in Black.
9. Five Eyeshadow Dust from Primark Beauty.
10. Two MUA lipsticks in shade 4 and shade 7
11. Hair tie from Opia.
 She also sent me one Nivea chap stick in Soft Rose and also one earcuff from Opia. I forgot to include those in the picture . :P

I am so happy with whatever i received. I not only found a swap buddy but also a great friend in Aaisha. We were two strangers and we completely trusted one another. This was so much fun and we are planning to do more swaps in future.
                         xoxo lee

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