Sunday, June 23, 2013

Eco Tools : Five Piece Mineral Set

When it comes to applying makeup, i always had one problem and that was lack of owning good brushes. Until one fine day i saw in TiTi's Corner  that there is this awesome site called iherb which ships wonderful brushes like Real Techniques, Eco Tools and other awesome stuffs internationally. My happiness knew no bounds. I really wanted the Real Technique brushes but sadly i was low on cash so meekly settled for Eco Tools. I ordered the Five Piece Mineral Set and Six Piece Essential Set from Eco Tools. I paid $9.73 for the first and $7.22 for the second. They have this offer for first time customers that if you spend more than $40 then you get $10 or more discount and if you spend less than $40 then you get $5 discount. So i got a $5 discount. I also paid $12 for shipping and handling. So in total i paid $23.95 after discount. The site's shipping procedure is amazing. They ship it via DHL which has amazing tracking system. I placed my order on 03 June 2013. They shipped it on 04 June 2013 and i received it on 07 June 2013. Isn't that amazing!!!

Here I will give you guys review of the Five Piece Mineral Set.

This is what the packaging looks like :

 It comes in a travel pouch and has one Mineral powder Brush, one Concealer Brush, one Eye Shading Brush and one Mini Kabuki.

Mineral Powder Brush 

 This brush is "designed to apply mineral makeup with ease" and I use it to apply bronzer and for contouring.  The brush is shaped perfectly to do so. Below are pictures of the Brush's side face and front face and you will automatically understand why it is so perfect. :)

This brush is not like your ordinary powder brush which are most of the time big and fluffy. As you can see from the picture that it is kinda flat from the side and hence shaped properly for use in applying bronzer and for contouring.

Concealer Brush

 As the name suggests this brush does a fine job of applying concealer especially under eyes and on nose corners. It's head is tiny and precise to conceal any red marks and spots on the face.

Eye Shading Brush

This brush is specifically created to "swipe a sheer shadow over the base of your eyes." But I find the brush's head to large to do so. I used this more as a fluffy brush to blend my eye shadow.

Mini Kabuki

By far this is the cutest, tiniest kabuki brush i have ever seen. It's so darn cute and perfect for applying blushes. It perfectly swipes the blush around the apples of my cheek.

Travel Bag

 Lastly, all these brushes comes in this pretty travel bag. It is so convenient especially for a person like me who travels to and fro.

Hope this review was helpful for you guys and in case you all want to pick this amazing brush set or any other good stuffs from I herb you all can use this discount code DPZ891 to avail $10 or more discount on your first order over $40 or $5 discount on orders less than $40.

I will review the other set pretty soon so stay tuned.. xoxo lee

p.s : The sentences within quotes are cited from the back of the brushes set's packaging :)


  1. This was my first set frm ecotools! The bristles and their colors seem to have changed nw.. I still use these brushes almst everyday! Its been 2 yrs and not one has shed or broken on me (:

    1. glad to know that these brushes don't shed :)hope mine lasts as long hehe <3

  2. the bruches look really nice... i;ll try to find them ... :)
    would you like to follow each other.. !!!
    keep in touch

    1. I'm sure you will love them as much as i do :) and yea i'm following you right away xoxo

  3. Hi. Your blog has been very helpful! Thanks! I have a question though. What was the custom duty levied on your ECO Tool Set DHL shipment? Customs in India are known to have stringent checks for parcels shipped via DHL. This information would help me alot. Thanks!

  4. Hi oops i forgot to mention the custom part lol.. i paid around rs 1000 for customs.. i was disappointed but then again the quality of the brushes id awesome so it was worth it hehe xoxo

  5. Wow! That's a steep custom duty that was charged! Thanks for the info though :)