Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Love Sales !

I am writing a post after a very long time. It's mid June and this is like my first post for the year 2013 lol. Actually I am busy writing my dissertation and it's nerve wrecking because the submission date is so near. Anyways last Saturday, I had gone out with my boo to Mani Square Mall, here in Kolkata. He had a show out there with his band "Hip Pocket". I was excited because I thought i'll shop while I'm there. My budget was Rs 2000. But then when i reached there, i didn't like anything. So after the show we decided to go to Forum to catch a late night movie. By the time we reached there, (Blame it on the traffic!!) all the shops were   closed except for FOREVER NEW. From far i could see the 50% off display on top of the shoe shelves. I literally ran, i mean who doesn't like the discount sign hehe. Well, i did get a good bargain. FOREVER NEW  had a 50% off discount on all of their shoes and bags and 30% off on their jewelry. This offer was on only  from 14th to 16th June.

Now moving on to the things i got :)

 I got this lovely tan bag in dirt cheap price. It was originally for Rs 2600 and with the discount i only paid Rs 1300.

I also got these lovely fluorescent neon sandal. It was originally priced at Rs 2400 but I paid Rs 1200 only.


I am really happy with the bargain i got and ya. i did go like Rs 500 above the budget i had for shopping but then it was money well spent ;). One more thing, we did not go for the movie that day. We did go yesterday. We watched Man of Steel and it's an awesome one. you guys should definitely watch :) . Hope you all enjoyed reading and i swear i'll be a bit regular in the blog world.
xoxo lee


  1. they are pretty hai got it for dirt cheap haha <3

  2. I was eyeing for that bag but then I said no to myself at the last moment. It was a great bargain. But u know what? The Bags were on 30% here in South City Mall :( I should have come to Mani square. You should definitely be my shopping guru :)

    1. really!! only 30% that's so strange. I got this one from Forum.. seriously something is definitely wrong with these stores and pricing lol.. i remembered this was a similar case when you went to get the eye shadow palette from TBS right? <3