Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorite Six for Luscious Lips

Here are the top six lip products that i swear by for my chapped and dry lips. Hope you guys like it.

Spiced Vanilla lip balm from The Body Shop. 

This pretty lip balm comes in a cute tin box. It reminds me of Christmas cake. It smells of vanilla and cinnamon. The lip balm perfectly soothes and nourishes my chapped lips and i prefer using this at night before going to bed. The only thing i don't like about this is the fact that it makes my lips look kinda whitish colour because of the the tint it leaves behind. Price: Rs 340

Maybelline New York Baby Lips

The cutest and the yummiest thing ever!!! God knows how long I waited for it to launch here in India.. Now that it is here I can't stop pampering my lips with these babies. Till now i own these three i.e Mango Pie, Anti-oxidant Berry and Cherry Kiss. The first two are sheer with no tint and just leaves behind a gorgeous sheen in my lips. the smell is yummy and out of the world. Cherry kiss leaves a tinge of red tint on the lips and it makes the lip look super moist and kissable :]. The only thing i am unhappy about these products is that i don't like the packaging of the Baby Lips Color, i just wish it was more colourful and vibrant like the ones in abroad. But nevertheless i love these babies and will be getting Pink Lolita and Coral Flush soon. Price: Rs 125 for Care Range and Rs 150 for Color Range

Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick from The Body Shop

I picked this lip balm a few weeks back and instantly it has become one of my favourites. The smell and taste of this product is so yummy that i keep licking it off my lips :D. The moisturizing capacity of this lip balm is amazing and it makes my lips supple and soft. Price: Rs 245

Lipice Lipbalm in Blueberry

The first time i ever heard of this company was when i use to watch MTV Splitsvilla 5 and the company was one of the sponsors. Back then it didn't appeal to me much but when i saw loads of reviews about this product in other beauty blogs i had to get it!.  I love this lip balm for the fact that it does not leave behind a thick layer of gooey substance in my lips like most lip balms do. It may sound funny when i say this but you see Kolkata sucks for it's hot and humid weather and obviously i don't like having overly sticky substance in my lips on such days when i am sweating in excess. Hence, Lipice is perfect for such days and moreover this lipbalm contains Mentholatum and cools and soothes my lips. It also has a yummy blueberry smell. It contains SPF 15. Price: Rs 120

Born Lippy from The Body Shop

Currently i own two of these Born Lippy's. They are Satsuma Shimmer and Cool Mint. I don't know if TBS still manufactures the cool mint one in present times and if it is available in India. My mom got me this from Nepal. Coming to the products, i only love these lip balms for the overpowering smell and also for the shimmering tint it leaves in my lips. i apply this sometimes over matte lipsticks and most of the time i use it during days when i am extremely lazy to wear makeup. you know the kind of days when you just feel like wearing your glasses and a lip tint with your hair tied in high pony at the back. The only thing i don't like of this product is that i have to dig into the product and my fingers gets kind of sticky. Price : Rs 195

Rev Ayur Lip Sliders

I purchased these from first thing that drew me to these lip balm were it's cute packaging and also the flavors, green apple and coconut. I am a sucker for anything that smells like coconut even though i don't like eating coconut ..wierd hahahaha. I can't say i am the biggest fan of these lip balm but still it is good enough for the price i got it in. The only thing that bothers me much about this lip balm is on the cover it states that it is a tinted lip balm but when i wear it i get no tint on my lips! Price: Rs 80 got it for Rs 72

Phew!!! i am tired now writing so much :p i am gonna get back to cleaning my apartment since i will be leaving for home sweet home on 13th of october. So much to do so little time. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this muahhhhh xoxo


  1. I love the Spiced Vanilla lip balm. :D But yeah, even I use it just before bed because of the white colour. -__- Lip Ice is awesome too! And I really have to try the colour range from Maybelline. I don't like that they changed the packaging in India. X(

    1. hi nisha, thank you for commenting as well as following my blog. you should definitely try the baby lips color range, i personally like it more than the care range :) xx

  2. Hi...I am yet to try the Baby Lips from Maybelline. Nice post :)

    1. hi ray :) thank you for your comment and do try the baby lips. it's awesome and i am sure you will like it.. i am following your blog and do follow mine xx