Friday, October 12, 2012

Scrumptious Hand Sanitizers

 Who doesn't like using hand sanitizers!! I for once and all can't do without it in my bag. Just the thought of germs creeping all over my hands makes me feel sickish! Any ways, in this write up i am going to to write about some hand sanitizers which smells good enough to eat.

  First are these two amazing Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in Vanilla Bean Noel and Jolly Ginger Bread Cookie.

I am a devout fan of Bath & Body Works and i can do anything literally anything for it to open a flagship shop here in India but.. Sigh!!! Sadly. people like me have to rely on the limited products we get from some online stores. Coming back to these mini babies... just few weeks back i was in a.c market here in Kolkata and i spotted these in one of the shops. My heart skipped a beat and i was literally jumping with glee! The first thing i checked was if these were original ( cause i have seen some of these shops selling Mac products which are not Mac at all ). The shopkeeper was charging me an exorbitant amount for these even though i know it retails for just $1.50 in the States. In the end i payed him Rs120 for each even though i knew i was paying twice the actual amount but nevertheless i was happy.

Vanilla Bean Noel

 This one is so christmassy and cute. It is green in color with tiny blue granules. It smells of  vanilla bean, caramel and baked goodies. The smell is so winter and yummy. The smell stays for long in one's hand and you just feel like gnawing your own hands hahaha.. Initially when you take a whiff from the bottle all you get is the smell of alcohol like most sanitizers do but overall  the smell is delicious.

Jolly Gingerbread Cookie

This too is perfect for use in winter especially during the Christmas season. It has the color of ginger ale and also has small blue granules. Like the name suggests it smells of ginger cookie or a gingerbread man cookie. The smell of alcohol is not so prominent in this one.

Second i have these somewhat Indian dupe of  Pocket Bac and these are Zuci Instant Hand Sanitizers in Coconut Verbena and Tulsi basil.

 I got these little one's from New U stores in Forum, Elgin Road. I had gone there to pick up some hair ruberbands and makeup sponges, when i saw these tiny tots sitting in the cash counter. At first just looking at the bottle i thought it was a Pocket Bac but when i picked it up i realized it was just another sanitizer made to look like a Pocket Bac. I paid Rs.30 for each of these 30 ml bottle.

Coconut Verbena

The reason i picked this up is i love the smell of coconut. this like the Pocket Bac has tiny granules but purple in color. I can tell you the exact smell of this!! It smells just like coconut milk and lemon grass gravy being simmered for making prawn curry. Once my boyfriend made me this dish and this sanitizer smells exactly like this.It is refreshing and your hand feels and smell clean after using this.

Tulsi Basil

Although i do not like the smell of anything herbal that much, nevertheless i picked this one. This too has small granules and the color is green. This smells exactly like the tulsi green tea from Organic India that i drink.

Hence, these are four scrumptious smelling hand sanitizers which i really love. The only difference that i don't like between the Pocket Bac and the Zuci ones is the fact that the consistency  of the fluid is slightly thinner in the Zuci sanitizers which takes some time to dry after applying it in the hand. Other than that i love all these sanitizers.

I am leaving for my hometown tomorrow yipeeeeee!!!! and oh yes!! i have already packed these sanitizers for use during travel.
If any of you guys have come across other scrumptious smelling hand sanitizers, do leave a comment below.. and yes do follow my blog all you lovely people..xoxo  

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  1. I got ZUCI too when I was in Mumabi, Yet to use it :)