Wednesday, October 10, 2012


After three years of opening an account i have finally decided to start blogging!! this only shows how lazy i am but from now on wards  i will try to blog as much as i can. well starting fresh, in my first blog i am gonna introduce a little about myself *wide grin*. Here i go..... as you all know my name is Lee Pandi Fudong. I guess all of you must be wondering what a weird name :p.. Lee means "house" and Pandi means "queen" in my mother tongue which is Lepcha. So, basically Lee Pandi means queen of the house!. I am from Kalimpong , a small hill station in North Bengal and for the past nine years i have been living in Kolkata. I am doing my M.phil in Comparative literature from a very renowned university here. Iam twenty six years of age and i am in a stable relationship for eight years now *all smiles*. Enough about me, now coming to my blog i am going to write as much as i can on anything of my interest especially makeup, lifestyle products, fashion, books, cooking..hope you all enjoy reading. muahhhhhh xoxo